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Is Kurta Formal Or Casual? How To Look Formal In Kurtas & Kurtis?

by Muhammad Bilal 13 Jun 2023
Is Kurta Formal Or Casual? How To Look Formal In Kurtas & Kurtis? Kurta Shalwar is both, formal and casual. To wear it in formal settings, strongly consider the dress code and the color of the kurta shalwar.
Well, Kurta Shalwar in Pakistani culture is considered both, formal and casual.
While that may surprise you because you probably never thought of wearing Kurta Shalwar in an interview – and with that in mind, this Indeed Article might surprise the goodness out of ya.
Now, there are two things that you might consider when wearing Kurta Shalwar in a formal setting.
  1.  Choose the colors carefully.
  2. Choose the style in accordance with the setting.

Once you hit the bull's eye with regard to both of those points, you’ll most likely choose an appropriate kurta shalwar style for a formal setting.
So again, Kurta Shalwar is pretty formal – if you happen to choose the right colors and the right style.
Now with that being said, let’s dive into some questions regarding wearing a kurta shalwar in a formal setting, such as going for a job interview or wearing it to the office.

Is Kurta Pajama Formal Or Casual?

Kurta Shalwar happens to be a pretty formal dress for men.
The same goes for Kurta Pajama as well.
So if you’ve been wondering lately about wearing Kurta Pajama to your office or a job interview, you may know as well.
Here’s something interesting though: Whenever Kurta Shalwar is brought into the discussion of formality, people also tend to ask “Is Kurti Formal?”
And the answer to that is obviously, YES.
A lot of female workers tend to wear kurtis in a formal settings. One of the reasons why is that they can style it off with a lot of lowers such as Jeans, Pajamas, and even Shalwar – depending upon Kurti’s style.
And that’s exactly the reason why female workers find Kurtis very flexible in formal settings, whether they’re giving a presentation in the company, appearing for a job interview, or working regular days in the office.
So yes, if you’re a man, you can wear Kurta For an Interview – and if you’re a female, then you can wear Kurtis for an interview as well.
However, as we mentioned earlier, be sure to be careful about the style and the color you choose to wear.


Can I Wear Kurta Casually?

Now, wearing Kurta Shalwar is a pretty smart choice for casual wear for quite a few reasons.
First of all, the climatic conditions in Pakistan remain mostly hot throughout the year.
So naturally, people want their bodies to breathe as well as themselves – meaning allowing the wind to pass through.
That does two things:
  1. Avoid perfusing sweating.
  2. Keep the body temperatures normal.

Can I Wear Kurta To Office?

  1. Avoiding perfuse sweating.

  2. Keeping the body temperatures normal.

Both of those objectives are equally important to achieve when you’re going to the office.

You want to avoid profusely sweating all the time and having the need to perfume yourself around the clock.

For those reasons, you not only CAN but SHOULD wear a kurta shalwar to the office in summer.

That’s it for men.

For women, they find it hard to formulate how to look formal in Kurtis?

So let’s answer that for them.

How To Look Formal In Kurtis?

Looking formal in Kurtis is not that big of a challenge.
In fact, Kurtis is one of the best things you can wear formally.
Now, a lot of females who wear Kurtis to the office do it for several reasons.
First, the Kurtis are relaxing and very flexible.
Secondly, Kurtis can be styled in many different ways. For example, Kurti goes well with Jeans, Pajamas, and even Shalwar - helping female workers add variety to their appearance.


What Is Formal Dress For Men? Formal Dresses For Men

  1. Kurta Shalwar.
  2. Kurta Pajama.
  3. Slim Fit Jeans With Polo Style Shirts.
  4. Buttoned Dress Shirts With Chinos.

Can I Wear A Kurta With Jeans?

Wearing Kurta with Jeans seems to be a no-no for men in a formal setting.
There was a time around 2012 to 2015 when Kurta got along well with Jeans – but it got out of style pretty quickly.
Not only that – but also the fact that even back when it was in style, no one ever wore it to the office.
So even back then, it was never really considered something formal.
Is shalwar kameez formal for men


What Type Of Dress Is Kurta?

Kurta is usually defined as a loose collarless, very long shirt.

It might be true somewhere in the 90s - but we'd say after massive globalization - there's a lot that has happened in this space with regard to the style, colors, and a lot more.

Now, the correct way to define Kurta Shalwar would be that it's a relatively loose shirt that's styled off with collars and a collarless neck style as well.

The length of the shirt tends to vary - it can be long as touching the knees and also can be as short as just reaching mid-thigh.

Now, a lot of men are confused with regard to whether Kurta Shalwar is a formal dress or otherwise.

Mainly, we'd say it depends on two things.

  1. Dress Code.
  2. The Style.

Now it's fairly obvious that since you're wearing a Kurta Shalwar in Pakistan, it can easily be considered formal as it's the national dress of the country.

If you're appearing for an interview in the US or the European side of the world, then you might as well check with their cultural tastes and make the most appropriate choice accordingly.

Lastly, What Is The Difference Between Kurta And Kurti?

Kurta is the elongated version of Kurti – if you think about it that way.

The best thing about Kurtas is that they exist in both categories, male and female – with respective differences.

So for example, almost all Kurta’s for females are collarless - meaning they don’t have a shirt-style collar.

On the other hand, almost all Kurtas that are made for men have shirt-style collars, and sometimes, they’re even made collarless as well.

Is Kurta Formal Or Casual? How To Look Formal In Kurtas & Kurtis? Kurtis is something exclusively for women. It’s because they’re manufactured in a certain way with certain prints and styles that fits women.

You can take a deep dive into the difference between Kurti and Kurta here.

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